We have looked at a lot of fences over the couple of months, some old and at the end of their life, some new but couldn't stand up to the elements, some with poor quality materials and others just poorly installed

Here are some tips when getting estimates
1. The cheapest option is not always the most cost effective in the long run

2. What posts are your contractors using? This relates to the above, concrete posts will cost more but are not going to rot especially if your garden is prone to waterlogging, If opting for wooden posts think logically a 3×3 inch post is 9 cubic inches, a 4×4 post is 16 cubic inches nearly twice the size for a small extra cost

3. Ensure the posts are correctly installed, a 6foot panel requires an 8ft post, 2ft minimum MUST be bellow ground level, there are no exceptions! If you opt for a 6inch gravel board at the bottom then a 9ft post must be used, If your contractor is cutting the bottom off of the posts question why and then tell them to keep digging deeper!

4.Are they registered waste carriers? To remove any waste materials from your property the contractor must be registered with the environment agency and would have been issued with a certificate and a waste carriers number, again there are no exceptions to this applies to all contractors even your gardener taking away hedge or grass clippings.
This legislation ensures that all waste is disposed of in the correct manor and not fly tipped or burnt on the local farm. This is the customers responsibility to check and you are the ones also to be fined up to £5000 if this is found to happen.

Hope this is of some help to all of you hit by this weather please feel free to contact us if you need any advice.

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